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Tooktake Hourly Dosage Reminder Labels - 1 package/ 4 labels

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Hourly Dosage Reminder Labels are especially good for medication that needs to be taken multiple times a day, a certain number of hours apart. Things like cough syrup (especially for kids), pain, anti-nausea, anxiety, or allergy medications. Anything that needs to be tracked so you don’t take too much or too little.

Hourly Dosage Reminder Labels are a little different than the rest of our labels. With tooktake HOURLY we recommend that you place the label on the bottle, package, or container of any medication that is taken in hourly intervals, proactively. 

Many medications that are taken for things like pain, nausea, colds, coughs, headaches or allergies have a recommended dosage that is “every 4 hours as needed”  Some are 6 hours, some have a range. With many medications, such as pain medication, it can be critical to take your next dose on time, but again, you don’t want to take it too soon because it can cause you to become overmedicated and have unwanted side effects. This can be especially true for children and people who are very sensitive to medications. 

When you already aren’t feeling well, it makes it even more difficult to remember what time it was when you started taking medication. Especially if it was in the middle of the night. When you place your tooktake hourly labels on the bottle/container of your medication proactively it’s ready no matter when you need it. That way when you get up in the middle of the night to give your little one cough syrup or a loved one pain medication all you will need to do is pull off the tab that is closest to the hour you are taking or giving the medication. 

Then you, your spouse, or any other family member or caretaker will easily know if it’s time for another dose in the morning and you can continue in even intervals the rest of the day.

Each tooktake hourly label is good for one 24-hour period and has space for you to note the number of hours between doses right on the label. 

Not sure how tooktake will fit on your bottle? Try turning it sideways, that’s how I use mine. 

Tooktake should be regarded as purely an aid to memory and tooktake LLC or their agents cannot be held responsible if you forget to take your medication, take the wrong medication, take the wrong medication at the wrong time, or any combination of these events. You should not rely on tooktake alone to remember to take medication.