Okay, there’s really nothing terrible about a pillbox, I have even seen a cute one here and there. If you have one and it keeps you from forgetting to take your medication or vitamins, then that’s great. Really it is. I think you should stick with it. 

But for me, a pillbox didn’t work at all. I mean it did in the technical sense that it held the pills in it’s little compartments with the days of the week printed on them. 

But it didn’t help me remember to take my medication. And for me, after breast cancer, it’s very important for me to take my medication every day to give me the best chance of avoid a recurrence. 

So why didn’t it help me? I’ll be honest here, it didn’t help me because I was really embarrassed by it. 

As soon as I bought it it made me feel like I was old and ill. 

But in reality I am neither of those things. I am taking my medication to stay healthy, that’s the opposite of ill. And I’m not going to say how old I am, but I am not looking at retirement homes in the near future and I don’t want to carry around a dusty old plastic pill box that makes people make sad puppy eyes at me when they see it. I didn’t want it on my kitchen counter, so when I wasn’t using it I put it in the cabinet. But the problem with that was that if I didn’t open the cabinet, I didn’t take my medication. 

Lucky for me, I was just starting to test samples of tooktake labels right about the same time that I started my medication. So I was able to test it out first hand. For me it was a game changer. I haven’t missed a single dose since I switched to tooktake! 

But really my favorite thing about tooktake is that I can use it for anything! The lotion that my dermatologist told me to use twice a day, done. My fancy new collagen powder that I put in my tea, easy! The longer I use tooktake medication labels, the more uses I find for them. 

Do you tooktake? What’s your favorite thing to use them on? Let us know in the comments!