An easy way to know if tooktake is right for you.

We've helped many people with tooktake, but everyone is different, and it may not be the best option for you. Try it to know if it's right for you. Shipping is free and if it doesn't help you be more consistent with your meds and supplements, we'll give you your money back.


Make consistency your superpower.

It may not be exciting or trendy, but consistently doing simple things is how we achieve big changes over time. This applies to our diet, exercise routine, and especially our meds and supplements. Whatever you're taking or using to maintain your wellbeing, take it as directed. It may seem simple, but it's not always easy. That's where Tooktake comes in handy. It provides a visual reminder and a sense of satisfaction when you pull the tab after taking your dose.

Which tooktake is right for you?

Daily Labels

If you use heart, cholesterol, blood pressure, mental health, or similar medicines of supplements, every day, use Daily Labels. Learn more.

Hourly Labels

If you use pain, allergy, anti-inflammatory, or other medication and supplements multiple times a day, use Hourly Labels. Learn more.

10-Day Labels

If you use antibiotics, steroids, antivirals, or other short course medications, use 10 Day Labels. Learn more.

Monthly Labels

If you use RA, MS, HIV, osteoporosis, or similar medications once a month, use Monthly Labels. Learn more.


Before thinking outside the box, be sure to take your medication.

Showing up at your best benefits everyone. You can contribute more, handle the ups and downs better, navigate personalities, and achieve more. If you need medication to be your best self, it's important to take it consistently. This is where tooktake comes in. Give it a try. Your team will thank you for it.