Tooktake monthly labels are perfect for anything you give you pets once a month.

easy to forget

Not a part of the daily routine.

We have daily routines that make it easier to remember to give our pets daily medications, such as giving them with meals. Monthly medications can be harder to remember.

Calendar reminders help, but how do we know we actually gave them their meds? Simply write the day of the month you give your pet their dose and pull the corresponding tab. Now you'll know at a glance when it's time to do it again!

furry friends

Tooktake monthly is a hit with pet owners. Not so much with the pets ;)

Fea and tick control, and heartworm pills and injections... it can be challenging to remember when it's time for them to take it again, especially when there are multiple pet parents in the household.

Tooktake monthly can help you, your partner and family take better care of your fur (and feather and scale) babies.