Monthly Pet Meds? Tooktake Labels Make It a Breeze!

Rock-Solid Reminders

Stress-Free Monthly Med Management with Tooktake.

Daily routines make it easy to remember to give pets their daily meds, like with meals. Monthly meds can be trickier.

Use Tooktake monthly labels: Write the day of the month you will be giving the dose and pull the tab each tiem you do.

You'll always know when it's time for the next one!

humans love it. pets tolerate it.

Tooktake Monthly: Pet Owners Love It, Pets... Not So Much 😉

Managing flea and tick control, heartworm pills, and injections can be challenging, especially with multiple caregivers.

Tooktake monthly helps you and your family take better care of your fur (and feather and scale) babies.