Take worry and stress out of keeping your pets healthy.

Tooktake labels stick on anything you need to give your pet to keep them healthy and happy.

Pull a tab when you give them a dose and know at a glance if you actually did.

Keep your pet on track with their meds and supplements and know when it's time to reorder!


Pets are terrible at reminding us to give them their medicine.

Sure, they have other wonderful qualities, but come on! It's like they're not even trying. Add that to confusion over who gave what, when in a multi-(pet)parent household, and chances are, you're gonna miss some doses or double-up on others. Not good. Fortunately, with tooktake, you'll know for sure.

No guesswork. No stress :)

Which tooktake is right for your pet?

Daily Labels

Track anything you give pets once or twice a day, every day. Learn more.

Hourly Labels

Track anything you give pets at hourly intervals during the day & night like pain, anti-inflammatory and allergy medication. Learn more.

10-Day Labels

Track anything you give pets once or twice a day for up to 10 days such as antibiotics, steroids or other short-course medications. Learn more.

Monthly Labels

Track anything your pets need to take or use on a monthly schedule such as flea & tick, and heartworm medications. Learn more.


More zoomies and fewer worries.

Making sure your pet gets what they need to be healthy ensures they have the energy they need to be at their silly best. And tooktake makes is so easy to stick with your pet's medication schedule, you won't have to wonder if they took it anymore.