Use tooktake hourly labels for things you use multiple times during the day and night.


Can I take it now?

Whether you're taking pain, allergy, cold, cough, or other meds you take at hourly intervals, the number one question is usually, "Can I take it?" Tooktake hourly labels help answer that question. No need to suffer longer than necessary, or risk doubling up and having a no-good-very-bad day.

The left side is for AM and the right is for PM. Take it when you're supposed to with tooktake hourly labels.


Tooktake hourly labels can be used for more than one day.

By putting the tabs on the lid, or the other side of the container, you can replace them at the end of the day, and use the same label the following day. Repeat the process until the tabs are no longer sticky, then move on to a new label.

Pro tip: Keep labels on cold, flu, and pain medications, so you're ready to go the next time you need to take them.