Round-the-Clock Pet Care? Use Tooktake Hourly Labels!

don't wait and wonder

Time It Right: Tooktake Hourly Labels for Pet Meds.

No more waiting, wondering, and worrying about when to give your fur baby their meds. Write the hours between doses on the label, pull a tab with each dose, and you'll know when it's time for the next one.

Tooktake hourly labels are perfect for households with multiple caregivers. Use the left side for AM and the right for PM to ensure timely medication administration.


Tooktake hourly labels can be used for more than one day. Woof!

Place the tabs on the lid or the opposite side of the container. Replace them daily and reuse the same label until tabs lose stickiness, then switch to a new label.

Pro tip: Keep labels on common meds for quick access.