Use tooktake daily labels for anything you give your pet once or twice a day, every day.


Once or twice a day?

If you give your pet medication once daily, you can pull the tabs from the light side each day when you give a dose, and the following week, pull the tabs from the dark side. By doing so, each label will last for two weeks. 

If you give something twice a day, use the light side for the morning dose and the dark side for the evening dose. This way, each label will last for one week. Follow this simple method to keep track of your medication intake and avoid any confusion.

is it doing anything?

Use tooktake to make sure your pet gets the full benefits of supplements.

Supplements can improve the health and well-being of our pets, and even improve certain conditions. But good supplements don't come cheap. But hey, they're worth it, right?

We want to make sure all these capsules, powders, creams and liquids actually doing something. Using them consistently and correctly is the only way to know for sure, and tooktake labels can help ensure you're administering everything like you're supposed to.