Let Tooktake Help You Remember to Take Antibiotics


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 Every time the doctor gives your antibiotics, they tell you to be sure to take ALL of them.  But I struggle sometimes to remember to take antibiotics for the full amount of time.  Seems like there’s always a few left over #facepalm

But not taking your antibiotics correctly can create some real problems.  You might not get completely better for one thing, and for another, you could be building up a resistance to the antibiotics, so they might not work for you the next time.  That could be kind of scary, so you’ll want to make every effort to finish the whole course of antibiotics every time you take them. 

But our Tooktake labeling system can really help you remember to take antibiotics correctly every time.  It’s a simple system of stick on labels that you can tear off every time you take your pill so you can easily SEE if you’re taking your antibiotics correctly.  Here’s a picture of what it looks like on your pill bottle.  That’s EASY, right?? 

It’s also helpful for your children’s antibiotics.  If there are two parents, plus maybe a babysitter or daycare provider involved in giving antibiotics, it can get pretty confusing.  Tooktake labels can help eliminate this confusion help them take these important medications. 

Tooktake labels are no-tech and easy for anyone to use.  They’re even kind of fun to use!  Plus they are HSA/FSA approved and you can find them at Walmart, Amazon Prime, or on our Tooktake website. 

Now, that’s SUPER easy and convenient. 

Get yours today! 

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