It's clear many medications can have serious consequences if not taken correctly – missed or doubled doses have even led to hospital visits. While the importance of consistency is obvious for some, for others, it might not seem like a big deal. 

But should we sweat consistency? Maybe not sweat (because... ew!), but definitely pay attention. Without sticking to our medication routines, it's hard for both us and our health teams to understand what's going on. 

Are our symptoms worsening because the meds aren't effective, or because we're not taking them properly? Should we switch meds, adjust the dose, or stop altogether? Without proper tracking, these questions are tough to answer.

Consistency isn't just about staying out of the ER. It's crucial for managing chronic conditions and preventing health declines. Plus, inconsistent medication use can lead to more doctor visits, higher healthcare costs, and treatments becoming less effective over time (woohoo!). 

It can also strain relationships with healthcare providers and loved ones, and take a toll on our mental health, causing feelings of guilt and anxiety. Not to mention the risks of medication mix-ups and the impact on our daily lives. So, while it might not seem like a big deal, staying consistent with our meds is actually a pretty big deal.