Imagine you just received a new diagnosis or picked up a new prescription. You want to follow your doctor’s orders, but life is hectic, and it's easy to forget. So you do your best, but you don’t feel quite right.

When your doctor asks about your medication routine, you hesitate. Did you take it as prescribed? Maybe? It's hard to know for sure. So you nod, “Yep.”

The doctor suggests increasing the dosage to see if that helps. But later that week, you're still feeling off. Is it the medication? Have you taken too much? It's all a blur.

Now picture the same scenario with Tooktake. No more guessing or fibbing about your consistency. You know exactly where you stand.

Imagine your doctor saying, “Let's reduce your dose a bit.” And by the end of the week, you feel a ton better🥳.

With Tooktake by your side, you establish a rock-solid routine over the next few months. And when you're ready, you confidently take off the training wheels and navigate your medication journey on your own. We couldn’t be prouder🙂.

There's no fixed timeline for using Tooktake—it varies from person to person. Use ‘em as long as you need ‘em, then ride off like the big girl or boy you are! 🚲💨