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Tooktake is a new and easy way for people of all ages to know if they took or still need to take their medication or supplements IN ANY FORM! To use tooktake you simple stick the label to what ever you need to keep track of and pull off the perforated tab when you take your dose for the day. They come in 4 varieties - DAILY - for things you take once or twice a day every day. 10-DAY - for things you need to take once or twice a day for up to 10 days. HOURLY - for anything you need to take more than twice a day or at hourly intervals, like every for or 6 hours. MONTHLY - for things that you need to do once a month! Our average order is over $15. If you would like samples to create content please email and give me an idea of how you would like to show tooktake. Thanks! I am looking forward to creating more opportunities and bonus offers for collabs that are successful.

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