Why is tooktake better 

than a pillbox?

Well, if you are used to using your pillbox and love it, then it may not be a better solution for you. But for me there were several benefits over a traditional pillbox: If you take a lot different pills at different times you need to be able to tell them apart and remember what each one is and when to take it. Without opening anything, you and/or a caregiver can easily see if you have taken your medication or still need to take it. Your medication stays in it’s original packaging so you always have the instructions and warnings with the medication (which is important when traveling). Since everything is in the original package, if there is an emergency, you can just grab the package and know if and when the medication was last taken.

What if I've used all the tabs 

on my label but need to 

keep taking the medication 

or supplement?

The center portion of the tooktake label should be very easy to remove once all the tabs have been taken off. So you simply peel off the center piece of the tooktake label and place a new one on the package or container and continue to use it as you did before.

Can I order custom versions of tooktake labels?

For custom tooktake labels for your product of shop please email leeanna@tooktake.com

Can kids use tooktake?

YES! If you have decided that your child is ready to be responsible for taking their medication/supplements without supervision, tooktake is a great way to start. Many kids have prescriptions that they need to take every day. With tooktake they can learn to be responsible for taking it themselves, but parents and caregivers can easily check to see if it was taken.

Will the label come off in my purse/backpack/bag?

No, it shouldn’t come off. We worked pretty hard to find the best design for the tabs so that they can come off easily when you want to take a tab off, but not so easy that they come off or can catch on things if you put them in a bag or purse. That being said, we can not guarantee that they won’t come off in some instances. So if you are concerned it is always a good idea to put your medication bottles or packages that have the took take label on them into a plastic bag so they don’t rub on other items and pull off of the bottle or container. 

Is tooktake only for prescription medication?

No. Our customers use tooktake for all kinds of things! Over the counter medications, supplements, drops, lotions, cough syrup. It’s great for anything that you, your kids, your parents, even your pets need to keep track of taking on a short or long term basis.

What if I need to see information under the tooktake label on the bottle/package?

We recommend that you try not to place your tooktake label over any critical warnings or instructions on your prescription or supplement. But if you do and you need to remove the tooktake label it should come off easily without damaging the existing labels. BUT there is a chance that the perforated tabs on the tooktake label will tear off if you are trying to remove the entire label, so you may need to start with a new tooktake label if you remove one before you have completed using it. 

What do I do with the little tab once I have taken it off?

Whatever works best for you. I like to stick the one I’ve torn off on the lid to the bottle so I can quickly see the last time I took it. Some people prefer to stick them on the side of the bottle or package while others just throw them in the trash each day. For kids, we have some free fun print-outs that can be used with the tabs as a goal/reminder chart to use for motivation and tracking.

How can I order tooktake wholesale for my shop?

For wholesale orders, please contact Leeanna at leeanna@tooktake.com with any questions. Thank you!

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