Since starting tooktake I have wanted to help as many people as I can and also do it in the most responsible way possible, but I’ve learned that some things aren’t as simple as I’d like them to be. Becoming 100% environmentally friendly is one of them. To start with, there isn’t an recyclable or compostable material that we can make the actual labels from right now. The same goes for our packaging. 

So while we continue to look for new materials and test them, we are working with CleanHub to remain a certified plastic neutral company. You can read more about CleanHub below. Tooktake is made here in the USA. It was an easy decision to make and it lowers our carbon footprint because we aren’t shipping large quantities or product all over the world. We also do our best to work with suppliers and people close to home so that nothing ever has to be shipped very far.

Tooktake has also committed to use more environmentally responsible mailers. We have our new, recycled , recycleable, 100% home compostable mailers ready to go and as soon as we use up our existing stock of envelopes we will make the switch.

We are continuing to improve tooktake for our customers and for the planet. As new options become available to us we will do what we can to make the right choices. 

-Leeanna Gantt, Founder

Certified Plastic Neutral

Tooktake is now certified plastic neutral by CLEANHUB who recovered and safely disposed of 3,633 pounds of ocean-bound plastic on our behalf last year.

Rainwater, wind and floods carry plastic waste from the land into the oceans. tooktake partnered with CleanHub to collect plastic waste before it can enter the most precious ecosystem on earth.

CleanHub Collection Hubs

The CleanHub Collection Hubs in India, Indonesia, and Cambodia all intercept waste before it even reaches the environment by collecting it directly from households as well as waterways, and fishermen's bycatch from the ocean. We help build these collection systems, providing communities with access to waste management for the first time to prevent open dumping and burning. Every financial contribution helps to expand the model across coastal regions in this world and creates stable and dignified jobs for local communities.

Tracking recovered plastic

After the waste has been collected, it is sorted into different categories so each material can be disposed of correctly. Recyclable plastic is sold to local recyclers, non-recyclable plastic is processed in the most environmentally sustainable way available. We track all the plastic recovered through the CleanHub app.

last year we financed the collection of 3,633 pounds of ocean bound plastic waste