Tooktake Monthly Reminder Labels
Tooktake Monthly Reminder LabelsTooktake Monthly Reminder LabelsTooktake Monthly Reminder LabelsTooktake Monthly Reminder Labels

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  • If you or your pet have vitamins or medication that you need to take or use ONCE a month on a specific day of the month
  • These monthly medication reminder labels work on all forms of medication and vitamins. Liquids, drops, lotions, sprays, creams, and of course pills.
  • Great for kids, teens, adults, and pet owners!
  • 4 tooktake monthly medication reminder labels in each package
  • As medical treatment advances more and more medications for humans and pets are only being taken once a month. For pets, things like flea and tick medications or heartworm medications need to be administered once a month, preferably on the same day of the month, to work well and prevent over or underdosing your pet. When you only do something once a month it can become difficult to remember if you have done it or not and when.  With tooktake's monthly reminder label, you can note which day of the month you take/give the medication and see at a glance when you need to do it again. 
  • For medications or supplements that you need to take once a month EVERY MONTH tooktake Monthly reminder labels are for you.
      • In the space provided on the label, note the date of the month that you are giving the first dose.
      • Simply place the tooktake label on the bottle or box of your required medication/supplement.
      • Each month, when you take/give the required dosage just peel off the perforated tab that corresponds to the month.
      • No more wondering if you took/gave it!
  • Not sure how tooktake will fit on your bottle? Try turning it sideways, that’s how I use mine.
  • Tooktake should be regarded as purely an aid to memory and tooktake LLC or their agents cannot be held responsible if you forget to take your medication, take the wrong medication, take the wrong medication at the wrong time, or any combination of these events. You should not rely on tooktake alone to remember to take medication.



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