These days so many of us are in the sandwich generation – we are taking care of elderly parents in addition to raising our own children.  It can be a little bit overwhelming. 

Regardless if your parents live close by or across the country, there is SO much to manage for them.  You worry about them falling, if they are eating correctly, have concerns about them becoming a victim of crime or scams, plus you have to worry if they are taking their meds on schedule. 

Tooktake can help with one of these situations.  Medication compliance. 

Virtually ALL senior citizens take some type of medications on a daily basis and most take a bunch! 

Tooktake can help you work with your parents to make sure they are taking their various meds on a consistent basis.  They are simple labels with tear-off tabs and they come in hourly, daily, 10 Day, and monthly formats.  Plus they’re inexpensive and are covered under FSA/HSA. 

This can be especially helpful if your parent has a language barrier or any degree of dementia or memory loss.  The labels can provide a visual reminder to help them keep track of different meds that have differing schedules.  It also works with creams, lotions, tonics, or any other types of meds that your parent might be using. 

As we all know, sometimes elderly parents can be, well, a little stubborn and can get annoyed at being reminded about taking their meds.  #amiright  So, the Tooktake labels can help eliminate some of those awkward, not-so-fun conversations, because you can just sneak a peek at the labels to see if Dad is taking his blood pressure meds, or if Mom has missed her diabetes meds today. 

Why not get them a nice card at the store and slip a set of Tooktake labels in it?  They’re available at both Walmart and Amazon.  If it seems more like a little gift, they are less likely to be grouchy and stubborn about it.  Hmmmm?