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Traveling is my FAVORITE thing to do.  But one thing about it, travel can be crazy!  Planes get in late, hotels lose reservations, cars break down, and connections get missed.  And that can be majorly stressful. 

And even when things aren’t going wrong, it’s still a different situation.  You’re staying in different places, packing and unpacking, going to bed and getting up at odd times, or you might even be in a completely different time zone.  The last trip I took was to Alaska and the sun never went down.  That was a bit of an adjustment – full sunlight even at 2 in the morning!

But even amid all this fun, adventure, and different circumstances, you still need to stay on your normal medication schedule.  That is especially true if you take critical meds like blood pressure, diabetes, or mental health meds.  Medication compliance can be a big deal, right?

That’s where Tooktake labels can help.  These fabulous little tear-off tabs are the bees knees for making sure you keep up on your meds, even when your routines are temporarily off-kilter due to your travel situation. 

Plus, you can leave them in their original packaging.  This can be more helpful than those little pillboxes because you’ve got the doctor’s instructions on them.  Many people take controlled substances such as certain pain meds or ADHD meds.  If there’s any question, you’ve got all the necessary information right at hand. 

And Tooktake works with all types of medications – liquids, creams, lotions, tonics, gummies, vitamins. 

It’s a no-tech solution to a very common problem.  It’s even FSA/HSA compliant, so you could possibly get it for free with your insurance program. 

It’s easily available at the website, Amazon, CVS and Walmart, so it could be on your doorstep as soon as tomorrow!  Then all you need to do is pack your suitcase for your next trip.  #travelmadeeasy