You want to get serious about your wellness routine, so you start taking vitamins, you drink more water, and you try to work out more regularly. Only, after a few days or weeks, your resolve starts to slip, and all those habits you have been trying to build fly right out the window.

It takes an average of 66 days in order for a new behavior to become automatic, with some habits taking longer than others. It can take some people up to 254 days in order to build a new habit. It’s no wonder  it’s hard to make them stick!

You aren’t doomed to fail. You really can stick to your wellness routines when you follow these tips.

Pair Wellness Activities With Things You Already Do Every Day

Brand-new habits are hard to cultivate. You can make it easier to do something new when you pair it with something else you’re already used to doing.

For example, when you take your daily supplements with breakfast every day, you’ll be less likely to forget to take them. You might grab a glass of water every time you grab another cup of coffee in an effort to drink more water, or maybe you want to hop on the treadmill every time you tune in to your favorite TV show to get a little extra exercise.

Take Supplements According to the Directions on the Bottle

Did you know supplements—like prescribed medication—are only effective when you take them as directed? Whether you’re taking collagen, you’re taking a custom combination of Hum vitamins, or you’re pregnant and taking a prenatal vitamin, it’s important to take them exactly as directed.

A product like Tooktake can help. Simply pull off the tabs as you take your supplements. Not only can you see at a glance if you remembered to take your pills, Tooktake labels also enable to you leave your supplements in the bottle so you can always reference dosing instructions and ingredients.

Have a strict beauty routine? Tooktake labels are perfect for face serums and skin creams too!

Take New Habits and Routines One at a Time

It’s normal to get excited about a long list of things you want to do to support your health. But, the more things you try to implement at the same time, the less likely you are to stick with it.

Instead of trying to drink more water, work out three times a day, and starting a diet in the same week, build habits one at a time. Set a goal to drink more water, and once it becomes automatic, try swapping out your sugary granola bar for a hard-boiled egg in the morning. It may take longer, but you’re more likely to stick to your routines when you let one become a habit before you try another one.

Sticking to a wellness routine takes dedication, but even the most dedicated fall victim to abandoned workout routines and unfinished bottles of supplements. Follow the tips on this list and you can increase your chances of actually sticking with it for the long run!