Going on vacation can wreak havoc on your skin. Whether you end up with a sunburn because you forgot to put on sunscreen or you skip your evening routine and you wake up with a serious breakout, it’s easy to let your routine slide—and totally regret it.

Make sure you continue giving your skin the TLC it deserves when you’re far away from home by following these simple tips.

Buy Travel Sizes

Travel sizes are your best friend. They are easier to manage than humongous bottles, they create less of a mess if they end up leaking in your bag, and they can be packed into a carry-on without TSA getting on your case.

Most beauty brands offer their products in mini bottles so you can stock up on what you need for your trip. If you can’t find travel sizes, or you would rather use the product you already have, you can find a wide variety of empty, clear, travel size containers you can squirt your products into.

Make Sure Containers Are Labeled

If you do decide to create your own mini bottles of beauty products, make sure all of your containers are labeled.

When you’ve got a bunch of bottles full of lotions and liquids, it is extremely easy to mix them up. At the very least, you’ll be annoyed at all the time you’ll waste each morning trying to figure out which bottle is which. You could end up using the wrong product, and your skin could suffer because of it.

Stay Organized in the Hotel Room

You probably know exactly where everything is at home, but in a hotel room, it’s easy for items to end up in weird places. Have a plan when you enter your hotel room to keep your beauty items organized.

You might keep them in their own small, clear makeup bag, or you might designate the right hand side of the sink for your beauty items. That way your cleanser doesn’t accidentally end up in the bottom of your bag and your friend doesn’t accidentally use up all of your eye cream thinking it’s hers.

Keep Track of What You Use and When

Many beauty items are supposed to be used as directed, which means using them on certain days or at certain times. On vacation, it can be nearly impossible to recall whether you used your products like you were supposed to.

Do yourself a favor and grab a pack of Tooktake labels. They stick directly to the bottle, with quick tabs that can be pulled off. That way you can easily see if you remembered to put on an SPF moisturizer in the morning or scrub your face with a your prescribed acne medication at night.

You shouldn’t have to spend your vacation worrying about your beauty routine. Feel free to modify your routine to make it easier to follow. Just make sure that whatever routine you choose that you stick to it by following the tips on this list.