The little things can make the biggest difference. 
Let me say off the top that I have nothing but love for my Medical Oncologist. I also hate him, just a little bit. Let me explain. 
For those who don't know, a Medical Oncologist is responsible for chemotherapy treatments and coordinates with the Surgical and Radiation Oncologists in the overall treatment plan. My whole team was crazy good and I trusted them completely. 
But chemo sucked. Really bad you guys. This probably doesn't shock anyone, but it's worse than you think. Yes, I've read about people running 5ks through their chemo, but that is pretty freakish, and completely unheard of in cases like mine. 
I experienced lows lower than the lowest lows I thought were possible. But even in the middle of this godawful time, I experienced small moments of joy. And it was often the tiniest things that made me feel good. 
Sitting with my family for dinner (sitting up at all for that matter). Following the plot of a TV show or movie, which is really hard with chemo brain. And being able to hug Princess Poppy during my treatments. 
Princess Poppy was my doctor's pet and therapy dog. She is very good at her job. I actually looked forward to chemo. Okay, not really, but she helped make it a little more bearable. 
It was also during this time that I created the DIY system that became tooktake. Friendly little stickers that remind people to do what they need to do to be well. Colorful accountability buddies.
A little thing that I believe can make a big difference for you. 
-Leanna / Founder