Okay, I did it, I signed up for a subscription multivitamin. It has cool branding and a really attractive clear bottle with these fancy little clear capsules in it that remind me of the magic glitter wand that my daughter used to play with. 

Will these fancy and very pretty vitamins help keep me healthy any more than the ones in the brown bottle at the drugstore, maybe. They are ethically sourced which makes me happy, and I want to feel good about the companies I support. But the reality is that if I don’t take them everyday, they really aren’t going to do much at all. It’s about building a healthy habit. 

If you have followed my journey at all, you know that remembering isn’t my strong suit. So adding a new habit is always a challenge for me. Not due to lack of desire it’s mom brain, or sometimes I blame chemo, sometimes I blame my other meds and sometimes I can’t even remember to come up with an excuse for forgetting. 

But luckily, I have tooktake medication labels to help me keep track of if I took or still need to take my fancy, clear, magic looking multivitamins. Because I’ll admit it, these are a bit pricey for vitamins, but I feel like they are worth it. 

But it doesn’t feel good when you get the new bottle in the mail and you still have half of the old bottle still sitting there. There isn’t really an easy way to get “caught up” you can’t just double up on them for a few weeks. Once you are behind you will stay that way unless you adjust your subscription. 

To be honest, I thought that extra pressure to not let them pile up would motivate me and help me remember, but no, that didn’t really do it.

So I have been using my daily tooktake labels on my vitamins and I have been taking them every single morning! 

You know what, I am kinda proud of myself. And that makes me feel good! So maybe the vitamins are a little magic? Or maybe it’s tooktake that’s magic. I’ll let you decide.