Recently I had someone ask me why I call tooktake a wellness product? That’s easy, it’s because I want to help you keep the commitment that you have made to yourself to do whatever you choose to do to get and stay well. 

There are sooooo many different ways that people choose to take care of themselves and I am not an expert in any of them. So I am not going to recommend any one thing over another. But I will recommend using tooktake reminder labels if you feel like you need a little accountability partner on your journey. 

I want tooktake to be like that friend who gives you a little nudge to remind you that you decided to take care of you. 

But let’s admit it, if one of your friends really did ask you every day if you put your collagen powder in your smoothie, or took your vitamins or if you used your acne lotion twice a day like the doctor advised you would think they were a little strange, getting a bit personal and probably get a wee bit annoyed. But a friendly little reminder label can do the same thing and not create an uncomfortable situation between you and you friends. 

And for me, I love trying out new ways to stay healthy, so feel free to share your wellness tips in the comment section below.