You shouldn’t feel bad if you have a hard time remembering to take your medication. Most of us have been there!

You get to work and realize you forgot to take an important pill, or you rush to the bathroom in the evening to take a medication because you forgot to take it during lunch.

It can be annoying to forget to take your medication, but that’s not all. Not taking some meds as directed can reduce their effectiveness or make them downright dangerous.

You probably already know this, so why do you still forget to take them when you know it’s so important?

It Doesn’t Matter How Many Meds You Take

It makes sense that people who are managing multiple medications that must be taken at different times during the day would find it easy to forget to take them, but the truth is, remembering to take just one medication can be just as difficult.

Taking pills becomes a bigger part of your day when you have multiple pills to take. When you’re taking just one pill, it can easily become an afterthought, and afterthoughts are easily forgotten.

Mom Brain

Whether you take one medication or many, remembering them can be hard when you have mom brain!

But, isn’t mom brain just made up?


Mom brain is a real, scientifically measurable phenomenon that happens after giving birth. If you have kids and you’re trying to remember to take medication, or you’re trying to make sure your children take their medication on time, your mom brain can make it easy to forget.

It’s Not Just Meds You Have to Remember

If the only thing you have to remember every day is to take your medication, it might be easier to take it on time. The trouble is, most of us have brains that are already full of a million other things you have to remember.

From remembering what to pick up from the grocery store to picking up a birthday present and taking the hamburger out of the freezer, it's easy to see how taking a pill can accidentally disappear from your to-do list.

Easy tips to Remember to Take Your Medication

With busy schedules and so many things to keep track of, are we just doomed to forget to take our medication?

Absolutely not!

There are things you can do that make remembering to take your medication easier.

The easiest way to remember to take your meds is to set an alarm on your phone. Put that alarm on repeat so it goes off every day and you will never forget to take your medication again.

What about if you think you might have taken your medication, but you aren’t sure? Taking a double dose can be dangerous, as can missing a dose of some medication.

That’s why you should use Tooktake labels. They stick directly to the bottle with tabs that can be pulled off every single time you take a dose. That way you never have to wonder if you took your meds, whether you use an alarm or not!