Remembering to take medication doesn’t sound that hard. That is, until you have multiple medications and supplements to take. It’s even more challenging if you’re taking different medications multiple times a day!

Pill boxes and apps are often the go-to solutions, but they aren’t the right choice for everyone. Relying on a pill box can make you feel well beyond your age, while buggy, poorly designed apps can cause more problems than they solve.

Does that mean you’re doomed to forget to take your medication?

Absolutely not!

Here are three of our favorite tips that will actually help you remember to take your meds and supplements.

Set an Alarm

Set an alarm on your phone for every dose of every medication or supplement you have to take. This is one of our favorite tips because it not only alerts you when it’s time to take your meds, it also confirms that you’ve actually taken them.

When the alarm sounds, take your medication before you turn it off. If your alarm is off, you know you’ve taken your pills. With this method, there’s no more wondering if you actually took your pills or not!

Take Them at the Same Time Every Day

If dealing with alarms all day, every day sounds like your version of a cacophonous nightmare, put down your phone and instead strive to take your medication and supplements at the same time every day.

The trick is to tie your med-taking behavior with another behavior. For example, take your morning pills with breakfast or take your evening pills right after you get into your pajamas.

Eventually you’ll create an association in your mind, which can be very powerful. When taking medication is part of your breakfast routine, for example, you’ll reach for your pill bottle after you butter your toast without even thinking about it.

Use Tooktake Labels

Simple solutions are often the best. That’s where Tooktake labels come in.

These little labels stick directly to your medication and supplement bottles. Simply choose hourly, daily, or monthly labels and tear off the tabs as you go. If the tab isn’t gone, you didn’t take your medication. It’s that simple!

Our favorite thing about using Tooktake labels is that they are like having a pill box without the bulky box. And, you don’t have to remove your medication from their original bottles, which contain important drug and safety info.

Each tip is on this list is powerful on its own, but they are even more powerful when combined. Choose the method or methods that work best for you and you can stop thinking about whether or not you remembered to take your medication and supplements!