easy and versatile

Only tooktake works on any medication or supplement you need to take, use, or administer. Yep, that too!

Did you take it? Did your child? Your pet?

Tooktake labels let you know for sure. Stick the labels on any container, box, bottle, or tube. Pulling off the tab when you take a dose helps you remember, builds the habit, and gives you and your loved ones peace of mind.

Tooktake labels are also FSA/HSA approved!

Tooktake is right for you if:

You have a chronic condition and regularly take medication.

Tooktake's simplicity, tactile design, and versatility might offer more convenience over your current system. And if you're not using anything, Tooktake is the simplest, most versatile solution available.

You're facing a new diagnosis or starting a new medication.

Tooktake helps establish the habit of taking new medication. By ensuring consistency, Tooktake assists your healthcare team in determining the proper dosage and minimizing side effects.

You want to be prepared for the next time medication is necessary.

Tooktake is perfect to have on hand for whenever you or someone in your home needs to take medication for a limited time, such as cold and allergy meds, antibiotics, and pain medication.

Tooktake is for the whole family, furry or otherwise.

Tooktake for people. Yes!

Track anything you need to take or use to get and stay well. Works with on all kinds of medication and supplements from pills and capsules to sprays, creams, inhalers, injectables and more. Nothing to program or set. Great for caregivers and parents!

Tooktake for pets. Woof!

Perfect for: flea and tick control, heartworm pills and injections, antibiotics, pain and anti-inflammatory meds, vitamins, joint care, ear wash, anti-seizure meds, insulin, beta-blockers, anti-anxiety meds, anti-diarrheal meds, steroids, antihistamines... anything!

Join thousands of people who are putting health first with help from tooktake tracking stickers.

Moms, entrepreneurs, teens, college students, grads, dads, athletes, artists, electricians, doctors, teachers, granddaughters, partners, pet parents, truck drivers, influencers, neighbors... the list goes on.

Tooktake has helped people all over the country take better care of themselves and their loved ones. The best way to experience the difference tooktake can make in your life is to try it risk free 🥳!

There is no cost for shipping and they come with our love it or return in guarantee. You have nothing to lose except the uncertainty!

Just a few of tooktake's 5-star reviews.

I Love Tooktake

“Tooktake has helped me to remember my one medicine that I keep forgetting to take. I've actually had to stop taking all my non medically necessary meds because I couldn't remember to take them and I have tried everything pill boxes, reminders, alarms in my phone, notes by the pills nothing worked untill I found Tooktake! Thank you Tooktake!"

-Tiana F.

The biggest lifesaver!

"Not to be dramatic but 20 out of 10. This one little sticker has solved a problem I've failed to solve for years. I'll be a life customer because my meds improve my quality of life, and TookTake improves my ability to take my meds. THANK YOU."

-Emily C.

Great product!

"Great quality and really did help with my ability to keep up with my meds :) will be buying more for my family."

-Hannah D.

Makes it easy

Tooktake 10 day labels make remembering whether or not we gave our toddler their antibiotics easy. Life gets busy and we can easily forget a dose but with Tooktake labels, we always know if we gave the medicine or not, just by simply looking at the bottle.

-Tyler L.

Unless you actually take them as directed.

When you need antibiotics, you need to take them.

All of them. It's a prescription, not a suggestion. Otherwise you're just giving the bug a workout. Take them like you're supposed to, get well, and get back to your life. It can be hard to follow a routine you're not used to, but tooktake can help. 

Apps aren't always the best solution for tracking your meds.

Notifications can go off when you're in the middle of something else, you silence it, and forget.

Using reminder apps with tooktake works great!

Tooktake is visual, tactile, and stuck right onto your medicine or vitamins, or whatever you take. It helps you remember and lets you know if you did. 


tooktake is committed to the use of sustainable materials where possible, and reducing material resource waste throughout our supply chain.