I LOVE it when I connect with female founders that are so pasionate about what they are doing. I love it a tiny bit extra when I know that person can really help out a lot of parents in our tooktake community. 
In today’s blog I’d love to introduce you to Cassie Blakely, the founder of Warrior Parent Consulting. - Leeanna
Being a parent is hard. 

Being a parent with ADD, anxiety, dyslexia  and processing issues is hard.

Being a parent with two teen girls who also have unique learning challenges is hard.

As a parent dealing with all of this you can feel very lost and alone. 

I know because I was that parent, without any direction as to where or whom to turn to for help.

I’m not alone. There are so many other parents out there right now feeling this way. 

My two children have been on different learning paths since they were born and I advocate for them each and every day. Over the years I have had to navigated multiple school systems and IEPs and I have learned a lot. 

As  my girls have gotten older, they are also learning how to be strong and vocal advocates for themselves while they learn to show their strength and not be stopped by the challenges they face. 

After being on this journey for so long, there is something magical about seeing your children uncover their superpowers before your eyes. 

For over 15 years I have have researched and met with best experts all over the United States and learned how to navigate this world of ADHD, processing issues, dyslexia and anxiety. And I’ve been learning how to navigate these complex layers and systems while being a parent. 

I know what it is like to be on this journey and how much I appreciated finding someone with knowledge and advice that could help me get ahead of the issues and prepare for what might be coming. These individuals gave me information and tools that enabled me to feel prepared to help my child.

I have also learned that I have a PASSION for helping others navigate this path that can feel daunting, overwhelming and lonely. 

I help parents with children that have multi-layered challenges such as ADHD, dyslexia, processing, anxiety, etc… and guide them on the various types of interventions available, key insights and knowledge.

All parents deserve to feel equipped and empowered. By sharing what has taken me a lifetime to learn, I can help you and your family find the best ways to support your child and become a champion and a warrior for them.

Above all else, I can help you not feel like you are lost and alone on this journey.

To learn more about Warrior Parent Consulting visit www.warriorparentconsulting.com and reach out to Cassie for a 15 minute free consult!