Going to college is an exciting adventure! It can also be a stressful adventure filled with worry and uncertainty.

That’s especially the case if you regularly take medications for a chronic condition.

With different wake-up times, different classes on different days, new friends, and experiencing life on your own for the first time, it’s easy to forget to take important medicines.

Is there anything you can do to increase your chances of always remembering to take the right meds at the right time?


Here are a few of our favorite tips for college bound young adults.

Practice Being in Charge of Your Own Medication

Before you go to college, practice being in charge of your own medication. If you get into the routine of taking your medication in a familiar environment, you’re more likely to stick to it in an unfamiliar one.

If you’re already at college and you haven’t had much of a chance to practice taking your own medication, ask a family member at home to check in with you on a daily basis. That way you can build a new medication-taking routine together.

Use Reminders on Your Phone

Use the fact that you aren’t ever very far from your phone to your advantage by setting alarms for the exact times you need to take each of your medications every day. It’s a lot harder to forget to take your meds if a loud alarm demands your attention!

Know Where to Store Your Meds

It’s not always a good idea to keep all of your medication together in the same place. Instead, you should store your medication according to when you have to take them.

For example, meds you take in the morning can be stored in your night stand. Pills that have to be taken around lunch time should be stored safely in your bag so you can take them when you’re out and about on campus.

You should also think about your living situation. Students in dorm rooms may find it safer and more convenient to put their medications in a small container under the bed, while someone living in an apartment may want to store them in a kitchen cabinet.

Document Every Dose

Did you take your medication like you were supposed to? It’s possible to forget, even if you have an alarm, because you might end up turning off your alarm while you’re hanging out with friends after class. You may have the intention of taking it as soon as you part ways. Only you forget.

That’s why it’s important to document every single dose that you take. You might mark each dose in a journal, but we recommend giving Tooktake a try!

Tooktake labels stick directly to medication bottles. Each one has multiple removable tabs that you peel off once you have taken your medication. With a quick glance at your bottle, you can see if you've taken your last dose or not.

We have different kinds of labels depending on whether you have to take your medication daily or hourly, as well as labels for medications that only have to be taken for 10 days. We even have special pet labels if you plan on taking your furry friend with you to college!

Learn more here, then shop all of our labels here. We would love to be the reason why you never forget to take your medication ever again!